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Love Ritual Oil

Love Ritual Oil

Love oil is hand crafted and spelled to enhance your personal power. Charge your oil with your intentions before use to add charisma, charm, allure, sexual desire, and fantasy into your life.


Made in a base of sweet almond oil and lightly scented with our fairy ring scent. Infused with herbs associated with drawing love including jasmine, rose petals, lavender and cinnamon. Love oil is infused with rose quartz, also known as the the love stone. Shake before use, so the stones can mix all those good vibes evenly in the oil.


Ritual oils have been used for hundreds of years to turn a normal object into something more sacred. All of the magical properties of the herbs and stones are infused in the oil. You could use your oil on anything that needs a touch of magic (assuming the oil won’t damage it) such as candles (don’t get oil on the wick), crystals and other stones, altar tools like vases, bowls, or incense burners, jewelry, or vision boards. You can also dab a bit on your wrists and neck before rituals or your morning meditation. Remember to charge your oil with your intention before using, by holding it in your hands and meditating on your intentions. The magic comes from you!


When done, you can empty and offer the herbs back to the Earth and keep the stones in vanity, closet, or wherever your intuition tells you!

  • Disclaimer

    The products sold by Conjure Apothecary are handcrafted and should be used with intention by the buyer. Products are not to be used or are intended to be used as a replacement for professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.

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