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Our Story


The world is full of magic, if you know where to look.


At our candle studio, we infuse magic and intention into every candle we pour and decorate. Our skilled artisans, Andy and Erin, have perfected the art of imbuing each candle with intention, creating a powerful tool for manifestation. It all starts with Andy, who pours the wax with care and precision. He begins by creating a sacred space with music that elevates his spirit and aligns his energy with that of the universe. As he pours each candle, he infuses it with his peaceful energy, imbuing them with a serene aura that will soothe and calm those who light them. After the candles are set, Erin carefully selects the herbs and stones to be used in each candle. She focuses on their specific properties and the intention behind each one, using her knowledge of ancient traditions and modern practices to create a potent blend of magic and intention. Erin begins by performing a smoke cleansing ritual, purifying the space and clearing any negative energy. With each candle, she pours her heart into each hand-made decoration, using the chosen elements to create a powerful tool for manifestation. As she works, Erin meditates on the intention behind each candle, visualizing the energy of the universe flowing through her hands and into the final product. Her meditative state allows her to channel the divine and infuse each candle with a potent energy that will help the intended owner to manifest their desires.

Whether it is protection, love, inner peace, or any other intention, Erin pours her energy into the candle, creating a powerful conduit for the intended magic. But the magic doesn't stop there. Before sending our candles out into the world, we conduct a rigorous quality check, ensuring that each candle meets our high standards of excellence. We then perform a final intention ritual, calling upon the energies of the universe to bless each candle and the person who will receive it. 


The magic of our candles continues to work long after they are lit. As the soft, warm glow illuminates the room, the energy of the universe is called forth, helping the intended owner to manifest their desires. Whether it is a sense of calm and tranquility, protection from negative energy, or a deepening of love and connection. As the candles burn, they release the energy infused within them, creating a powerful and lasting effect. We believe that our candles are not just products, but powerful tools for transformation and manifestation, bringing the energy of the universe into our daily lives and helping us to achieve our dreams.

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