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Our Story


Ever felt like there's magic all around us? That's what we're all about at our candle studio. When Andy and Erin work their craft, it's like they're pouring pure magic into every candle.


Andy kicks things off by setting the vibe—music on, creating a sacred space, and pouring the wax with care. He's all about infusing those candles with his peaceful energy, making sure they're gonna soothe anyone who lights 'em up. Then comes Erin, the herb and stone whisperer. She dives into ancient traditions and modern know-how to pick just the right stuff for each candle. With a little ritual here and some meditation there, she's pouring heart and soul into every decoration, turning these candles into manifestation tools.


Before we ship them out, we give each one a quality check and a final blessing, calling on the universe's energy to help us make sure they're aligned with their intention. But the magic doesn't just fizzle out when you light the candle. As that gentle glow fills the room, it's like the universe wakes you up, helping you bring your desires to life. Whether it's calm vibes, protection, or deepening connections, these candles keep working their magic as they burn. We're not just selling candles here; these creations are transformation tools. They're all about bringing that universal energy into our everyday lives, helping us chase our dreams. 

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