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Love Magic

Love Magic

Love Magic includes:


🌙Love Intention Candle

Our Love Intention Candle is ideal for opening the heart, whether for igniting passion or for self-love. Set your love intentions with this candle or simply brighten your space with beautiful loving vibes.


Each Love  candle has been handcrafted with specially selected ingredients to assist you in your love rituals. Love Spell is sprinkled with rose petals and damiana, which have long been associated with love and passion. In Colour Magic, pink is associated with a romantic vibe, as well as friendship and self-love. Also included is Strawberry Quartz, which is a great addition to your love magic rituals to help you connect with sensuality, and romantic love, but it also helps you prioritize your own needs and self-love.


Made in a blend of coconut wax, soy wax and beeswax and scented with our Fairy Ring fragrance. Love is a delectable fragrance that brings together juicy blood oranges, along with an unexpected twist of thyme, and infused with notes of spicy black pepper and clove for a fresh, sweet spin on a spiced citrus scent.


🌙Love Ritual Oil

Love oil is hand crafted and spelled to enhance your personal power. Charge your oil with your intentions before use to add charisma, charm, allure, sexual desire, and fantasy into your life.


Made in a base of sweet almond oil and lightly scented with our fairy ring scent. Infused with herbs associated with drawing love including jasmine, rose petals, lavender and cinnamon. Love oil is infused with rose quartz, also known as the the love stone, and carnelian for sensuality. Shake before use, so the stones can mix all those good vibes evenly in the oil.


Everything you need for drawing in those loving vibes✨


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