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Good Vibes Room Spray

Good Vibes Room Spray

An alternative to smoke cleansing, Good Vibes energy cleansing spray clears the air of any lingering negative energies while infusing your space with a magical scent. Also works great as a linen spray.


Good Vibes is handcrafted from a base of Waning Moon Water and Witch Hazel, enhancing its cleansing and purifying properties. Within this magical blend, small stones infuse their energy while, offering psychic protection and grounding. The sultry scent of our Good Vibes Spray is derived from a unique combination of essential oils. Patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, and tea tree oils create a blend to uplift the spirit, promote relaxation, and cleanse the energy of your space. To ensure the perfect blend of these essential oils, our spray contains Polysorbate 80—an emulsifier that maintains their even distribution.


Experience the transformative energy of our Good Vibes Spray as you mist it in your home. Clear the air, dispel negative energies, and embrace the freshness that lingers. Create a sacred space with Good Vibes spray by making it a part of your every day routine.

  • Disclaimer

    The products sold by Conjure Apothecary are handcrafted and should be used with intention by the buyer. Products are not to be used or are intended to be used as a replacement for professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.

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