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Abundance Ritual Kit

Abundance Ritual Kit

Abundance Ritual Kit includes:


🌙Prosperity Intention Candle

Each Prosperity candle has been handcrafted with specially selected ingredients to assist you in your manifesting rituals. Abundance is sprinkled with chamomile and mint, which are magically associated with abundance, prosperity, and luck. Also included is the stone tigers eye which is magically associated with warding the evil eye, wealth, and luck.


Made in a blend of coconut wax, soy wax and beeswax and scented with our popular Citrus Balsam fragrance. Prosperity is an enchanting and bright scent, bringing together juicy tangerine and tangy grapefruit with the woodland freshness of majestic fir balsam and forest pine.


🌙Prosperity Ritual Oil

Prosperity oil is hand-crafted and spelled to aid in the manifestation of abundance, good luck, and prosperity. Prosperity oil can be used on your skin, during spell work, as anointing oil, and in ritual baths.


Made in a base of sweet almond oil and lightly scented with our citrus balsam scent. Infused with herbs associated with drawing abundance including bay leaf, chamomile and spearmint. Proserity is infused with tiger's eye stones which are associated with good luck. Shake before use, so the stones can mix all those good vibes evenly in the oil.


🌙Prosperity and Abundance Spell Jar

Prosperity and Abundance Spell Jars are filled with herbs and crystals associated with attracting abundance. They include pyrite, crystal quartz, eucalyptus, bay leaves, chamomile, cinnamon, thyme and mint. Jars are sealed shut with a wax seal to fuse the intention.


How to use: Place in a cupboard, drawer or closet. Shake from time to time to keep your intentions active.


Everything you need for drawing in those prosperity and abundance vibes✨

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