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The Lovers
  • The Lovers

    The Lovers Tarot Candle was inspired by the sixth card of the Major Arcana, embodying the magic of love, relationships, and sensuality. The Lovers can also be a powerful card to help you get clear about your own values and find love within yourself.


    Beautifully adorned with clear quartz, smokey quartz, and rose quartz stones. These stones were chosen for their associations with dispeling negative energy, grounding, and igniting the spark of attraction and deep connection. The addition of rose and damiana, renowned for their associations with love and passion, further elevates The Lovers candle's energy.


    The Lovers Candle is scented with an irresistible peach fragrance, captivating your senses and kindling a flame of desire. ✨️💗

      C$35.00 Regular Price
      C$31.00Sale Price
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