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Your Sex Magic Candle

If you are into manifesting or divination you know they are rooted in a connection to energy and intention. Focusing your energy on what you are trying to achieve, or focusing your energy on making a connection. Sex Magic is no different. It's all about harnessing your sexual energy as a tool during your divination or manifesting rituals. Because sexual energy is inherently powerful, including sex magic in your practice may prove to be an impressive step on your journey.

*Sex Magic is often performed solo, but if you choose to include a partner, as with all things sexual, you must have their consent first!*

Some Sex Magic suggestions:

  • Cleanse the energy in your space by using a cleansing spray, incense, palo santo or your preferred method of energy cleansing

  • Consider adding some items associated with your intention into your ritual space. For example, if your focus is on prosperity and abundance, maybe add a green silk scarf or some tigers eye stones

  • The carnelian stone included in your sex magic candle is associated with passion and power. Charge the stone during your ritual, and carry it with you to connect with your sensual energy

  • Light your sex magic candle, and set the vibe in your space to be as comfortable and magical as possible. Allow the magical scent of your candle to transport you on a journey as the exquisitely complex aroma of pink peppercorn mingles with lush notes of warm myrrh, patchouli, bergamot and delicious vanilla.

  • Listen to the crackling wood wick of your sex magic candle as you spend some time meditating on what you will be manifesting during your sex magic ritual. Or maybe you will be performing a divination ritual and will be open to receiving a sign/vision/message

  • Remember that although orgasm is wonderful, all sexual energy is magical, so enjoy the journey wherever it leads.

Enjoy! xx

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