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What Are Ritual Oils?

A ritual oil is an oil that is infused with herbs and/or stones with a specific intention in mind. Ritual oils have many uses and as long as you are following your own intuition, and ensuring that your oil will not damage the item you are using it on, the possibilities are endless. Ritual oils can be placed on objects that you want to carry your intention such as a piece of jewellery, a candle, a piece of clothing etc. You can add a few drops to your ritual bath, or on yourself. I love to add a few drops to my hair and around my navel.

You can make your own ritual oil at home. All you need is a glass jar with a dropper, a base oil, herbs and stones. I use almond oil in my ritual oils, as almonds have a connection to healing, abundance, and mental clarity. Depending on what intention you have in mind, some quick research will help you find appropriate herbs and stones to use. You may be surprised at the magical properties of herbs you already have in your pantry!

As you are making your oil, hold the intention you are trying to create in your mind. As you add each ingredient, imagine your intention becoming reality. The same goes for when you use your ritual oils. Imagine your intentions as you apply your oil. Think about ways to achieve what you are looking for, and imagine yourself already in that state. I like to rub oil downward to attract and upward to banish. Always remember to give thanks to the herbs and stones for their assistance on your path.

Photo of Erin holding a bottle of Calm Ritual Oil
Calm Ritual Oil

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