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New (Dark) Moon Ritual

The moon is a powerful presence in all of our lives, whether we are intentionally in tune with her or not. There was a time in history when people were deeply connected to the moon's phases, but our modern ways have separated many from that connection. If you feel called to return to this connection with Mother Nature, remember that moon rituals performed now can be just as sacred and powerful as they ever were. Choosing to align yourself with the cycles of the moon can be a life-changing habit to form. Pay attention to the moon's phases and you will begin to feel the abundant energy in the air of the full moon, and the fresh "new beginning" vibe of the new moon.

Remember when creating your rituals, the most important thing is to follow your intuition. Your rituals should add clarity and peace to your life, not stress. I recommend starting with simple moon rituals and only getting more elaborate for special occasions or when you feel especially called to do so.

I always start my rituals with an energy cleanse. You can use a cleansing spray, palo santo, incense, bells, music, or other cleansing tools. The intention is to rid your space of any lingering negative energy. Then I have a ritual bath. I use a bath product with a more invigorating vibe for the new moon. I bring an intention candle into the bathroom and while it burns, I meditate on my path, what I want to change, and what I want to bring into my life. I always focus on the actions I will take to accomplish my goals. If I brought a stone into the ritual with me (usually sitting on the edge of the tub) I will carry that stone with me through the month. Whenever I touch it or see it, it reminds me of my path.

Remember to be clear and precise about your intentions. Visualize yourself in the future where everything you are working towards has manifested. Sometimes, after this exercise, I will pull a tarot card to symbolize the upcoming month. I close my ritual by blowing out my intention candle, and envisioning the smoke from the candle sending my intentions into the air. Remember to make your rituals work for you, they must feel right for your path and be guided by your own intuition.

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