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Manifestation is about actively cultivating and sitting in the feeling and energy of what you are manifesting.

It matters what you feel, not what you think. So when you are performing a manifestation ritual, don't focus all your energy on the thing you want, because when you do this, you are in the energy of not having it. Remember that like attracts like. In order for your manifestations to work, you must release resistance to what you want so that it can flow to you. The way I do this is to envision myself already living in the reality I am manifesting, and then tapping into how I feel when I am living that way. Then, whenever I reconnect with my intentions and manifestations, I reconnect with that feeling.

Tips for manifesting:

1) Start by finding things to be grateful for in the present moment. I always find this helps to set the right vibe.

2) Words are powerful. Words are spells. Imagine you are speaking to a friend and telling them about your life as if you are already living the reality you are manifesting. Sit in how it feels to be in that reality and then try to recall that feeling throughout the day. This is where I like to use my ritual oils as a manifesting tool. As I apply the oil in the morning, I am doing my speaking ritual. Whenever I reapply the oil throughout the day, it is easier for me to recall that energy.

3) Be open to the signs. You will know you are on the right path when you start getting little signs from the Universe. You will start experiencing synchronicities when you start tuning in to what is truly next for you.

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