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How Do Intention Candles Work?

Candles have been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals across the world because we recognize their magic and power. Focusing on the flickering flame of a burning candle awakens something deep inside of us and helps us connect with our own magic. Using intention candles is a powerful way to focus our energy and intentions to manifest what we desire, such as attracting abundance, inner peace, love, and prosperity. While your intention candle burns, focus on your intentions and connect your energy with the flame's. Envision your intentions being sent into the Universe through the flickering flame. For the magic to work, it is essential to be as clear and specific as possible about your intention and to follow up your ritual with real-world energy. One of the best times to think about your path forward and what actions you will take to achieve your goals is during your rituals. There have been countless times that an insight or vision will pop into my mind during a candle meditation, illuminating my next steps.

All Conjure Apothecary intention candles come with stones and herbs associated with the intention. You should remove any large and/or loose stones and herbs before lighting your candle. Use these after your ritual to remind you of your goals and steps forward. Depending on what feels appropriate, you may tuck them under your pillow, in your purse or pocket, or anywhere that works for you. Intention Candles encourage you to set aside the time to focus on what you are trying to achieve, and how you will get there. We have many different intentions available, and depending on what you are focusing on, there are likely a few that would be appropriate. Always choose the candle that you are drawn to.

It is important to allow the melted wax to reach all the way to the edge of the tin before extinguishing the flame, to prevent tunneling. This will take a couple hours, especially on the first burn. Once you are done your ritual, leave your candle burning in a safe place (following candle safety guidelines of course) until it is time to extinguish it. All Conjure Apothecary intention candles come with information on how to use the candle, and a little card that lists the stones and herbs included. Remember, the candles are just a tool, the magic comes from you!

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