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Glamour Magic

The origin of the word ‘glamour’ comes from the Scottish gramarye around 1720, a glamer (or glamour) was a spell that would affect the eyesight of the beholder, making objects or people appear beautiful or fascinating.

Glamour magic is a form of spellcasting and a way to connect with your feminine power. While it is most often associated with makeup (and I do this too, when I have time), the important thing is to find a way to incorporate a little magic in your morning ritual/routine in a way that fits your lifestyle.

My morning ritual (as quick as it may be) is all about the mood and energy I want to carry into the day ahead. I wash my face with moon water and spend an extra few minutes on a glamour magic ritual you'll find below. When I select my jewelry for the day, I choose what I want to wear based on the stone's meaning, or a memory I have associated with that piece. I use a ritual oil every day to add a touch of magic. As I drip the oil into my hands and smooth it into my skin, I envision my intentions. The thoughts and attention I put into these rituals last throughout my day. I feel sexy and powerful knowing that I have focused on setting intentions for myself and my body.


You will need: A Bowl of Moon Water

Stones or herbs to add to the moon water if you wish

*To make moon water, leave a jar of water outside or in a window to charge under the moonlight. Because the Moon affects the ocean’s tides, there is already an energetic connection between water and the Moon. When you add intention, you can create a tool that can be used for anything from watering your plants to adding to your bath, to using in glamour magic!*

To begin, breathe with intention and focus your energy on the present moment. Place your hands over the moon water. Speak or think words of positive affirmations over the water. For example, "I am a confident, beautiful Goddess with a positive, loving vibe" Take a few moments to really envision what this feels like. When you have finished, wash your face with the moon water. Continue with your regular beauty routine, and commit this image of yourself to memory and conjure it up throughout the day. Repeat daily.

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