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Full Moon Ritual

The full moon is a time of being thankful for blessings received. Since the new/dark moon is the time of new beginnings and manifestation, the full moon provides a reminder to check in with intentions, habits, and work towards goals. The full moon is the perfect time for introspection and for releasing things that are no longer beneficial. It is a time for resting, and for absorbing the wonderful, abundant energy in the air (dance naked under the moon anyone?). Many people charge their crystals and make moon water under the full moon.

My full moon ritual is quite simple usually. There are times when I feel the pull to do something more substantial, but no matter what, I always spend some time looking at the beautiful full moon. Usually, I have a milk bath, light some candles, drop some love ritual oil in my bath, (and in the ends of my hair) and just lay there and think about my life and my path. I make a mental plan for my steps forward and how I will reach my goals. Sometimes, life gets away from me and I don't manage to take this time on the actual night of the full moon, but I allow myself a grace period of 3 days before and after the full moon. This has been a really great way to prevent me from getting stressed if I am not able to find the time on the actual full moon.

The most important thing is to just show up, and keep moving forward. I have found that committing to more elaborate rituals for each moon cycle can be overwhelming. Instead, I try to find a little magic in the mundane moments, be intentional about spending time in nature, and focus on my intentions every day. The full moon is a reminder for reflection and release, and the new moon is a reminder for intentions related to new beginnings and fresh starts.

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